About Us

We are technology experts in vertical industry focused Big Data, CRM, ERP applications. We understand that technology alone cannot be successful. People, Process and technology have to work together. We have learned a lot by working for big brands in the software industry. Our goal is to bring our wisdom to our customers which helps them realize long lasting and positive business outcomes from their investments in technology.


We are the experts

Most of us are ex-Microsoft veterans with years of experience in software industry with in-depth expertise in software application development, testing and more


We understand your needs

Our certified software consulting team has experience in several industries. We know the pitfalls and we can offer our valuable insights to customers like you


We serve you the best

Whether you've outgrown your current software, have special application needs or simply want to streamline processes across your business, we can develop a cost-effective, tailor-made solution just for your business


We are your long-term partner

We strive to become long-term partners for our customers. We advocate partnering and self-service model of engagement which leads to long lasting relationship with our customers