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Dynamics 365 User

You are a Dynamics 365 user and want to take advantage of its core features, customization options, workflow and reporting tools such as Power Apps, Power Automate (Flow) and Power BI, which are included as part of the offering.

Dynamics 365 Evaluation Decision Maker

You have been tasked with evaluating whether Dynamics 365 is the right fit for your organization or your customers.

Dynamics 365 Power User

Your organization,or your customer has already migrated or is about to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365, and you need to quickly grasp what this software has to offer.

Existing User of On-Premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics ERP such as Dynamics AX or Dynamics NAV or Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL

You are an existing user of “on-premise” Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics ERP such as Dynamics AX or Dynamics NAV or Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL, and you are eager to learn about the new cloud versions, which have been rebranded and are now part of Dynamics 365.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft has released Dynamics 365, the next generation of its business suite. While often compared to Salesforce.com, Dynamics 365 expands beyond cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software, extending to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for accounting and supply chain management. Dynamics 365 uses cloud services to make businesses more agile and responsive to change, ultimately increasing productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a fast, flexible business platform that helps you and your employees do more and achieve more every day. Designed not only for today's business world but also for the future, Dynamics 365 has something to offer everyone in your organization. From customer service representatives to sales managers to CEOs, just about anyone can use an easy-to-use interface to gain new insights into their work.

Dynamics 365 empowers intelligent business application experiences to create new opportunities for revenue and growth. Delivered through the cloud and built on the Microsoft platform, Dynamics 365 is your gateway to all that the digital transformation has to offer: smarter ways of working, more engaging and intuitive interfaces that enhance teamwork and innovation, and increased agility to lead and succeed in a digitally-driven world.

You may have been aware of the fact that there were a few names that have been swirling around for a while in the Microsoft Dynamics family. Dynamics AX, NAV, and GP have all received the umbrella branding of Dynamics 365 in recent years. What's going on? Do all these applications have something in common? Are they going to meld into one big application in the near future? In this series, we'll dive into this new set of products and focus on answering some of these questions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a bundle of business applications from Microsoft, which represents an awesome opportunity for customers to leverage this product and grow their business. However, the complexity of the different applications and how they work together poses a great challenge for their customers to ensure that they are correctly configured to work well and that a positive customer experience is provided. To help the customers achieve that, we have developed a series of blog articles that will help you to quickly navigate your way through this bundle and provide you with all the necessary information about how it works as well as useful tips on how to configure the different aspects of these software packages to maximize your investment.


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