Why Omni212

We believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to IT solutions.

Every business has a unique business process and workflow depending upon the vertical industry and their niche in the industry. We understand this and provide vertical industry focused business applications solutions to our customers.

Furthermore there is a paradigm shift happening in the global marketplace and this is impacting businesses in a big way. First Outsourcing, then towards the cloud, on the mobile, the social media, social enterprise and now Big Data. We understand these phenomena and are completely geared to guide businesses along this path.

Omni212 team has unique combination of our subject matter expertise, industry focus, leadership, partnering approach with our clients. We invest a portion of our revenue in R&D to make our solutions better continuously.

Omni212 provides Unique and Very High Value Proposition due to following factors:

  1. Vertical Industry focused IT expertise - We bring our vertical industry experts to projects when we engage with our valued customers. We understand the business, industry and niche focus of our customers and this helps us align and optimize business with technology.
  2. Subject Matter Expertise – The founder as well as the core team members have spent more than a decade implementing Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for small, medium, sized businesses in many verticals such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, professional services, software industry, food industry, sports and entertainment, ecommerce, Network security, customer service. They also gained invaluable experience in what works and what doesn’t work, the pitfalls.
  3. Leadership of Core Team – The core team consisting of management team and early group of employees have 10+ years of experience and have held leadership roles in various reputed companies. The focus is to have the core leadership team mentor and develop next line of leaders and continue this trend as the company grows. This core team while working in the industry has learned what works and what doesn’t in this business and will be able to leverage this expertise to grow the business.
  4. Strong influence of Board of Advisers – The Board of Advisers consists of C level executives from existing and prospective customers and their feedback is instrumental in shaping the company to closely cater to the needs of the customers. Listening to crucial decision makers who are in Board of Advisors helps the company be strongly aligned to the evolving needs of customers.
  5. Partnering and Self Service model – Omni212 has been successful in using the partnering model with customers. In this model, the approach is to partner with customers in delivering services where we take the role of mentor and coach. Customers like this approach as we do knowledge transfer while we are engaged with them. This also allows the customers to be more engaged and they take ownership of the solution and they value the effort and participate in learning more and how they can leverage the solution more to their advantage.
  6. Industry focused solutions – After spending more than a decade in this industry, the Omni212 leadership team has realized that one size doesn’t fit all. Customers are not happy with a basic CRM or ERP application. They are looking for out of the box solution that meets their needs. Omni212 is leveraging partnering approach to design vertical industry focused solution for customers which can then be sold to other customers in similar industries.
  7. On the Cloud, Mobile and Social platforms – Our industry focused business solutions are deployed on the cloud, mobile and social platforms providing customers the ability to access them on any device, anywhere anytime and be able to collaborate across the organization.
  8. Outsourcing of Custom Development Work – Omni212 harnesses the global outsourcing phenomena to lower the cost of delivery of projects and pass it along to customers.
  9. R&D - We invest portion of our revenue in research and development to make our solutions better and continuously strive for excellence.